Players' Gallery 48

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Players' Gallery 48

The 48th Players' Gallery - Journey - is now live, and the standard on display was dazzling. Read on to see who won, and to find out the next gallery's theme!
Journey Results


The theme of Journey produced some real gems, but in the end there were some who clearly reached the ultimate goal of our quest. Our artists at Jagex HQ eventually chose Explore by Verdanda. The composition and treatment of the theme was really interesting: a truly dynamic character piece.

Explore by Verdanda


These images take very different approaches to the concept of the journey; Tiber Frost’s vibrant picture of the Fate of the Gods that inspired the competition and Faithra’s amazingly detailed picture both captured the hearts of our judges.

No Way Back by Tiber Frost

No Way Back

Young Worshipper’s Pilgrimage by Faithra

Young Worshipper's Pilgrimage

Honourable mentions

We also wanted to include special mentions for the efforts of both Darkauro and V O R P A L, both of which were noted by our judges and we felt deserved recognition for their art.

You can find these images - along with a number of the other entries for the month - on the Players’ Gallery 48 page.

The Next Competition

With this month’s release of the Elf City design document, we’d like to keep the theme of the next Players’ Gallery nice and simple. The competition theme is Elves.
Deadline: 16th June 2014


  • It has to be RuneScape related artwork based on the current theme.

  • It’s got to be your own work – no knock-offs, please!

  • Maximum size: 2 MB

  • Accepted formats: .jpg, .png, .gif

  • Email your entry to with your display name and title of your artwork.



  • RuneScape concept art print – signed by JMods.

  • Feedback from one of our RuneScape concept artists.

  • 1000 RuneCoins.

Two runners-up:

  • 500 RuneCoins.

Don’t forget to let us know about your creative process, your ideas and suggestions on our forums, and by tweeting us with the #RuneScapeArt hashtag.

We also have a deviantART group. Why not join us there too?

The RuneScape Community Team

21-May-2014 14:30:17

Tifa says Hi
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Tifa says Hi

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Cute Kitty said:
V O R P A L should have won with that amazing Temple Trekking art.

^agreed, temple trekking can't get any more adventurous that that, at least they put the more useful adventurer with u out of the group.
can only imagine that one useless girl just huddled in a corner at the back of the boat lol....
Hi, My name is Tifa! I am a Runescape chibi artist under the pen name:
Tifa Amakura.

21-May-2014 15:32:12

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aw, thanks Kitten and Tifa n _ n <3 i really appreciate it.

Zanik is perfect for this theme i'd say, Verdanda made a great choice c: Grats to the runner-ups too!

oh btw may i get a Mod's attention here? :) its been more than a month, i've yet to receive any news about the concept art print and feedback from Player's Gallery 47. Any info on that? thanks!

Edit: ops i almost forgot, thanks for the special mention Jagex! c:

21-May-2014 16:15:50 - Last edited on 21-May-2014 16:34:15 by V O R P A L

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Aww, i didnt get in at all, i guess it was a late submission after all... I sent my images on 3, 5 and 6th may :P.. Or they didnt fit the theme... And daym, i dont have anything Elvish to submit now either.. :P

Loved VORPAL's image! But i also think the right image won this gallery!!

I think the first runner-up couldv been somebody else, the image seems way unfinished. Nice effort tho. Cheers.

The second runner-up is cool, a lot of details and nice colors, i love traditional art a lot! Wish it could have had more background showing.. Keep it up!

Faithra kas sa oled eestlane? :D
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