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The Winners!

Heya guys,

I can announce that the following players were winners of the Christmas Advent-ure, across both the forums and the facebook calendar. Congratulations!

1st Dec
Forum: 12chanok1 and CD_Paladin_C - 10 Keys and 7 days membership
Facebook:Leumas9000 - Premier Club Package

2nd Dec
Forum:Jorunn - Concept Art and membership
Facebook: Forum Winner*

3rd Dec
Forum: I am Buffalo & mbncd - 300 RuneCoins
Facebook: Super d d p - 5 Bonds

4th Dec
Forum: Kadagon & Emoska1 - 15 keys and 150 RuneCoins
Facebook: Skilling - Concept Art and Membership

5th Dec
Forum: Sky G - Santa Sack
Facebook: Forum Winner*

6th Dec
Forum: Weekend**
Facebook: Flamestar - Christmas Bauble

7th Dec
Forum: Kaleefa - 1 month of membership + 2 Bonds
Facebook: Prij - A mound of chocolate!

8th Dec
Forum: qack & FrostAngel - 10 keys and 7 days of membership
Facebook: Cheeeeeeeeese - Snowverload cuddly toy

9th Dec
Forum: Epir - Concept Art and membership
Facebook: Forum Winner*

10th Dec
Forum: Drakath & Maxi - 300 RuneCoins
Facebook: Starlite - IRL Party Hat

11th Dec
Forum: Cows & Allon - 15 keys and 150 Runecoins
Facebook: Lina1nverse - IRL Godsword

12th Dec
Forum: W i z a r d - IRL Party Hat
Facebook: Forum Winner*

13th Dec
Forum: salmon_egg - 1 month membs and 2 Bonds
Facebook: Xmas Spirit - IRL Cracker

14th Dec
Forum: Weekend**
Facebook: Ramu - 5 Bonds

15th Dec
Forum: Kunelius and Frostvalour - 10 keys and 7 days of membership
Facebook: Rednaj - IRL Snowboard

16th Dec
Forum: Teepo - IRL Cracker
Facebook: Forum Winner*

17th Dec
Forum: Lights01 & has Sanity - 300 RuneCoins
Facebook: Karthik - Christmas DVD's

18th Dec
Forum: Crez & Mel Kazul - 15 Keys and 150 RuneCoins
Facebook: Veronicaa - Christmas Jumper

19th Dec
Forum: Robiin - Concept art and 7 days membership
Facebook: Forum Winner*

20th Dec
Forum: NaabeRanger - Christmas Bauble, 1 month membs and 2 Bonds
Facebook: Calderone - 5 Bonds

21st Dec
Forum: Weekend**
Facebook: Jordi Huisman - Black Santa Hat

22nd Dec
Forum: Balanemate - Concept Art and 3 bonds
Facebook: Forum Winner*

23rd Dec
Forum: Samora Kiba - Concept Art and 3 Bonds
Facebook: Forum Winner*

24th Dec
Forum: Sdrawkcab9 - Concept Art and 3 Bonds
Facebook: Ismail - Gaming Laptop

25th Dec
Forum: Xenon Ray - Premier Club membership
Facebook: No competition - Ismail continued

*When marked as "Forum Winner", the facebook competition was to enter the forum competition, and the prizes were shared, so the forum winner was an "overall" winner.
**Over the weekend period the forums would have one competition for both days, so the winner is joint Saturday & Sunday

Congratulations to all winners, and thanks everyone for taking part, whether on the Forums or on Facebook. Here's to another great year :)

Mod Kalaya
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