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Mod William

Mod William

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Tuska is wreaking havoc in Gielinor's atmosphere, and only you can save the world from her wrath.

But are you up to the challenge? Would you survive an apocalypse of Tuska-sized proportions? Find out in our new quiz!

Streams this Week

This week on our Dev Q&A, the RuneScape Team Leaders will be answering your questions. On our Community stream, we'll be heading into space and taking on Tuska with you!

Developer Q&A, plus Ninja Fixes – 16:00 UTC (Game Time), Tuesday 2nd June

Our weekly Developer Q&A gives you the chance to ask about the latest updates, upcoming plans, and any other RuneScape-related questions you may have!

This week, we start with a special introduction by Mod Mark and Mod Pips.

Then, we'll have Mods Osborne, Conor and Drew on the sofa, talking about their new job roles and answering your questions on their plans for the future of RuneScape!

So - this week's panel will include:

  • Mod Kelpie – RuneScape Project Manager and Head Ninja.

  • Mod Osborne – Lead Designer, RuneScape.

  • Mod Conor – Senior Producer, RuneScape.

  • Mod Drew – Content Development Manager, RuneScape.

You can ask your questions on the forums, on Reddit, or on Twitter using the hashtag #RSDevQA. We'll try to get through as many as we can!

Tuska - 20:00 UTC (Game Time), Tuesday 2nd June

Tuska is here!

Tune in to find out some of the mysteries of Tuska with Mods Jon and JD, live from Tuska's back.

Check out both of these streams on our Twitch channel. Put them in your diaries – you won't want to miss them!

Forum/Reddit Q&A

This week, we're also hosting a forum Q&A and Reddit AMAA on Tuska, for you to ask questions about this year's World Event.

Head over to our new Tuska forum on Wednesday, 3rd June, 16:00-17:00 UTC. The thread will go live at 15:30 for you to ask your questions, and the team will blast through as many as they can in the hour!

You can also ask your questions on Reddit – we'll have a thread stickied there on Thursday 4th June between 15:30 and 17:00 UTC.

Win an Alienware gaming laptop and Razer goodies!

If you haven't already, make sure you enter our Summer Sweepstake. You could win these amazing prizes, including a high-spec Alienware gaming laptop, and a Razer Chroma suite.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter now! And don't forget, if you share it with your friends, you'll increase your chances of winning!

Check out our T&Cs and FAQs here.

Have fun doing battle with Tuska. See you in space!

The RuneScape Community Team

02-Jun-2015 09:45:15



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the quiz told me id only last 11-20 days lol!
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02-Jun-2015 14:40:51

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Can't wait for Q&A :D

my result was:
You've survived a Tuska Apocalypse! :P
When the snows fall and the winds blow, The Lone Wolf dies but the pack survives.

02-Jun-2015 16:38:01 - Last edited on 02-Jun-2015 16:44:33 by Delsin

Syra Valero

Syra Valero

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Whoa, we've got a badass over here. After living off of Swamp Frogs for weeks, PKing all your friends for their gear, and turning your POH into a barricade, you emerge triumphant. It's time to celebrate - if you had anyone left to celebrate with, that is.

PK'd all my friends for their gear? ... I'm not that cruel, am I O_o?

I'll try again with the rubber chickens and "buying gf" options, just to see how it ends up this time. Lol


02-Jun-2015 20:11:33 - Last edited on 02-Jun-2015 20:26:30 by Syra Valero

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Maybe someday when my SmartTV allows Twitch as an App I can tune into these again :P. As it stands, my laptop is getting quite old and decrepit so I can only hope these are uploaded to YouTube. Still waiting for today's Q&A to be uploaded as it is my last day off this weekend.

Congrats to the employees in their new leadership roles, though.
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02-Jun-2015 22:11:26

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