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Hey everyone, I just got a new (great) computer and am thinking about playing again. I've been a member since... 2011 I'd say, but I haven't played really at all (a little here and there) since around then. You can see my stats, I have 250m cash and some items - what would you recommend I do to get myself back into the game? I've never cared much for combat, but that's just because I've always played on a laptop and it was difficult to do anything that required a lot of precision (which can't be done with just a track pad and a laggy computer).

My biggest issue coming back is that everything is new. All the items are new, I used to march quite a bit and can't even attempt it now.

So I guess my question is: after coming back from such a long time without playing, what skills are worth getting up/are profitable or worth spending money on?
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21-Jun-2015 21:30:07

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ESC > Game Settings > [] Legacy Combat Mode / [] Legacy Interface Mode. Do not overwhelm your return with all the fluff; rather get used to what you once knew with Legacy. If you do decide to go the combat route, invest in T90 weapons and T80 power armour and take on some bosses, Slayer, or go commando with some Dungeoneering. Personally, I love skilling -- it relaxes me. I definitely recommend checking out Elf City if you aspire to level up more ^_^.

Welcome back.
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22-Jun-2015 01:38:14

Leavil Newb

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Also be sure to remember that while in (Legacy mode) it may give good combos while pking but I found using the rs3 set up to give better xp, on the plus side the abilities give higher attack ratings than they would if I was using the Legacy mode set up.

23-Jun-2015 15:23:58



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Hey, I'm in exactly the same boat. Eoc is fantastic, and I have been playing a lot of dung which has helped me get used to the new combat system. Message me in game if you ever want another oldschool noob to hang with!

23-Jun-2015 21:20:03



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My advice is to take it slowly, you will learn everything in time. Please don't hesitate to contact me ingame for some little advice.

The big money these days are from bossing - But slayer/priffdinas rune ore mining/farming is also good :)
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25-Jun-2015 07:04:59

Quix Fix

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Yeah I have been in and out of the game as well, ever since university came around. But all it takes is some time for yourself to familiarise with the game play. I've had trouble at first but slowly getting there.

26-Jun-2015 17:13:57

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