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Mod Kalaya

Mod Kalaya

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Hey there!

More information

It's the 2nd July - do you know what happened on 2nd July 2011?

Rocks. Rocks fell from the sky. There was an earthquake, as if the world was tearing itself apart.

I want to hear what your character would do now, should this event repeat itself. Would your character take one look at the skies and head for Keldagrim, to wait out the rock-shower? Would they head to their POH and ensure their walls are still standing? Or would you head to the caves deep beneath Falador and battle Vorago whilst the world possibly falls apart above you?

Write your personal story, whether it's a quick "I ran to my mom's house" or a full-fledged story, for your chance to win:

- 7 days membership
- 200 RuneCoins
- Bonus XP Lamp
- Signed Concept Art

*Terms and Conditions
*Keep your story to one post only - posts that span more than one will be discounted.
*This competition will close at 10:00 Game time on 3rd July
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29-Jun-2015 16:47:35 - Last edited on 02-Jul-2015 11:31:01 by Mod Kalaya

30th May

30th May

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I ran to vorago, Had a good chat with him to see if anything could be done, He said i have to beat him to stop the rocks, So i gathered the strongest team possible, managed to take down the formidable creature and save gilenor.
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02-Jul-2015 11:18:14

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As an avid star hunter, I would excitedly pull my pickaxe from my toolbelt and with a loud battle cry fly towards the rocks on my pet drake and mine them to bits before they even hit the ground, while an epic theme song would play in the background. DUN DUN DUN DUN dem mining gains :P Stars2hunt

02-Jul-2015 11:25:13



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I went to play Vinesweeper cos the earthquake cleared the field for me, it was easy to find the seeds 8)
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02-Jul-2015 11:30:58

Mod Jd

Mod Jd

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I'd grab my meteors and help to take down the world. World 16 to be precise.

Fight fire with fire, baby.
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02-Jul-2015 12:00:21

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