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This week's forum month competitions will be focusing on the Item Discussion sections on the forums!

Yesterday we launched the Bronze competition where we asked you:
If you could combine any two items in game, which would you merge and why?

Congratulations to
who has won yesterday's competition! He suggested
merging the green potion from Varrock Apothecary with a Bedsheet (from Ghosts Ahoy) to create a ghost costume which leaves a trail of green slime.
Gruesome... We love it!

Missed the competition? Never fret! Today's competition is a Silver competition where you can win even more goodies!

To take part and to have a chance to win, all you have to do is:

Screenshot your character in-game with your preferred Raids load-out of choice!

To submit your entries, upload your screenshot onto a image hosting website and post your links on this thread. Remember, the competition will close at 10:00(AM) Game Time on 15th July.

The Rules are simple...:
*Terms and Conditions
*Keep your idea to one post only - posts that span more than one will be discounted.
*Please only submit one photo for your entry... More than one photo will disqualify you- Make your photo count!

And the Rewards are great...:
- 7 days membership
- 200 RuneCoins
- Bonus XP Lamp
- Signed concept artwork

So, challengers! Good luck! May the odds be ever in your favour ;)

-Mod Sky
Mod Sky | RuneScape Marketing | @JagexSky

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@Churs & @Theta Zero

Hey guys,

Oh wow, sorry about that- you're both right! Thanks for pointing it out to me.

Also, @Theta, thank you for being honest. As a sign of goodwill from your honesty, you can also keep your prize. I agree with Churs, your idea was also genius! :)

Asides from that, congratulations Churs! You won yesterday's competition :) I've updated the forums so you will be credited accordingly. I'm truly sorry for the mistake. I'll send you an inbox message now.
Mod Sky | RuneScape Marketing | @JagexSky

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Thanks for your patience.

Today's competition winner for the SILVER prize goes to
! Congratulations!

Thanks Endeavour and Pegi for entering - your entries were hilarious and awesome. However, you probably wouldn't survive very long in Raids dressed like that.. Especially if you're being a chicken! ;o

Redux - I'm sending you an in-game message now.

Thanks again everyone!
Mod Sky | RuneScape Marketing | @JagexSky

15-Jul-2015 11:30:45

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