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Mod Emilee

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For those that are interested, see below for the results:

Option B - 74% (94787 votes)
Option D - 12% (15619 votes)
Option C - 7% (8447 votes)
Option A - 5% (6312 votes)
Keep the original design! - 2% (2826 votes)

12-Oct-2010 09:38:19

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It was an interesting poll this week. I actually thought I knew the site quite well but I guess there are still a few features, such as the God letters, etc., that I haven't checked out yet! I'll have to do that later on if I get a chance to.

12-Oct-2010 18:18:48

Zinc Lynx 01

Zinc Lynx 01

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Latest Poll: Website of Wonders

Question 6: From the Community section, which of the following do you enjoy the most?

Adventurer's Log
Downloads & Wallpapers
Player's Gallery
Player Polls
Postbag from the Hedge
I don't like any of those features
I wasn't aware there was a Community section
None of the options given.

I chose "None of the options given", because I'm not entirely convinced it is appropriate to compare the Forums & Highscores to the other features in terms of "enjoyment".

I typically use the Forums more than these other features, as it is my best (only) way to give the lovely pple at Jagex feedback. :) There are players who truly only use the forums for entertainment, but I primarily use them for relatively serious purposes (Suggestions, Constructive Criticism, etc). I also use the highscores quite a lot as a reference for various things.

In terms of actual pleasurable entertainment, the Player's Gallery is first for me out of the remaining features listed.

:) -Zinc ^~.~^

12-Oct-2010 23:25:16



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^ That is a good point.

I can only see this as being a good poll of Jagex is planning on remodeling a section i.e adding more god letters. However I do not see how this info. could help jagex, other than this. I never feel comfortable giving out info. unless I know exactly what is going on with it.

14-Oct-2010 00:46:29

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