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Spearmint30 said:
Not to speak on behalf of the OP here, but I did some random Preview replies in various forums with just the word "merch" in the post.

In the Gold Premier 2019 forum, it filtered to "merc*" while the other forums I tried previewed as no issue.

Looks like the filter might be toggled on/configured differently for a couple of random forums? If I get bored later, I'll try them all. :P

EDIT: It also seems to happen in the following forums:
• RuneFest 2019
• Patch Notes
• RuneScape Mobile Testing
• Weapon Diversity Beta
• Old School Mobile

That seems to be all I could find...
All those were added after the censor was removed back during the last update of the rules. URL's are filtered as well there by the way.

Makes me think that they have to manually disable the censor for every single subforum, rather than being able to flip a switch and have it be disabled forum-wide.

Would also explain why things still get censcored in our sigs.

Backwards-ass system if you ask me, but then again they feel the need to re-invent the wheel for every single damn thing they decide to do, so what can you expect?
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