No proofreading of news posts.

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A professional company communicates well.

Here's the latest newspost, about the upcoming Solomon's Store January sales, with the problems highlighted:

Beginning on Boxing Day and running until January 4th, we'll be kicking off the New Year with
the first of
five weeks of sales on
Store. Each week we'll publish a news
week post
which'll detail the items on sale for the upcoming week. You can expect
some limited-edition items will be making a brief return, so keep an eye out for some golden oldies. Here’s a sneak
peak peek
of what we will have on offer for the upcoming week:

Did someone say
? To make this sale extra special we have included a huge range of auras for players to get their hands on, with Tier 4 and 5 auras available at 25% off. There will also be a 30% discount on the highly
sort sought
after ‘Reckless
Berserker’ auras which will be available through the entire sale. Happy Christmas!

So, as you can see, this brief text contains spelling errors, punctuation errors, grammatical errors and can't even get the name of Solomon's Store right!

This is just not good enough.

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It's not bad considering it's written in Chinese and then Google translated into English. I't pretty good in comparison to some of the instructions that have come with my electronics.

McDelivery Now Available In Canada

I'm lovin' it.

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Basic notepad doesn't have autocorrect. .
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Jagex would definitely benefit from hiring a professional writer for their newsposts and other copy, even if on a part-time basis. Well-written pieces result in a smoother reading experience and better engagement. I'll be honest: I don't read the newsposts as much as I used to.

Having said that, I would also like to see newsposts split into various pieces (e.g. one newspost for the update, one for additional stuff (winter weekends, livestreams, etc.). I click on a newspost because I want to read the latest update. That doesn't mean I want to also read the community round-up at the same time. I want to see that information in a different article that is better themed for it. It feels a little sad having that information stuffed at the bottom of an update post.

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not sure if you've been playing the game lately, but almost every single game update has at least one or two typos in the dialogue

it's almost as if they ran out of time and just gave us the budget version of the update

not sure what's going on, but pay attention. the typos are literally in every update these days. sometimes i wonder who is actually typing this chat up and how they make so many mistakes.

so quite frankly i don't think this is really a big deal. they just typo everywhere now, in-game and on the website.
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Nead said:
Basic notepad doesn't have autocorrect.


The $16M purported profit is a fraction of monies others bring in.
Highly doubt bringing in professional writers for a Newspost is gonna happen.

As I remember, good secretarial assistants would not have made these mistakes.
Attention to Detail being very important. I mean, the keyboard is the Internet.

Remember few months back...took our own Forumer WindsofNight, to get Imgur
working again? I firmly believe there are some positive things coming to RSOF
and that some would "love, love, love" to work/revamp the Forums but,
are clearly not being given the Directives to do so.

Yes, Arch...Unacceptable, lacking regard towards where the Product will land.

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It's not just the typo's, it's the way they word things, it could be one sentence or a small paragraph, it often doesn't make sense or it's not implying what it needs to imply to make sense to the game players. There are just so many grammar mistakes in-game. I purchased an item in-game with tokens and once I got the item I never got what was worded so I put it under bug report, stating how it was worded and what I got was two different things and nothing was done to rectify this, the wording was never changed, I wasn't refunded or anything - I lost out big time, huge amount of tokens on this - shocking.

they don't care.
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Jack Flac said:
Most of your corrections aren't actually corrections though. They are just changes.

No, I have deliberatly not made ANY preferential changes. They are all corrections.

(I am a professional translator and proofreader - I do know the difference).

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26-Dec-2018 07:14:24

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