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Time for me to jump in as well. I'm most likely amongst those 7 people who haven't posted in a while. I offer you a few things for consideration though:

Firstly, as others have stated before me, there are twitter and forum helpers. Since forums are well taken care of, I moved to twitter a while ago, and have since then sent more than 34.000 tweets. My daily commute of 75min and long irregular schedules made it much easier for me to help players through the twitter on my phone than through my loyal computer.

Secondly, helpers can also be very active in a way that is not directly visible to everyone. Would you recognize the veteran helpers who take all the new helpers by the hand? Would you recognize the helpers who poke and prod on the background about things that are inefficient, confusing or could otherwise do with some change?

Lastly: you'd be surprised how even community helpers are only humans. While I agree that inactivity is a problem, I do make a difference between a new volunteer who goes inactive after about a week, and someone who has been a very active helper for years and had to get much less active due to circumstances but tries to put some input in when they can. Do you see it as such as well, or would you trim both types?

Keep in mind that kicking is easy, it's the recruiting that's hard. I'm all for inviting players who are eager to be active and more important, to learn. Where would you suggest to find players who have the time and the intention to help out over a longer period, despite all the shit thrown at us by cheats, bots, scammers, streamer fanboys, etc? You'd be looking for players with time, manners, a good learning curve, patience and preferebly not the type who's just in there for tools/titles. If you happen to know where we could find a can of players like that, please do let me know.

Samo, who's stupidly posting while she's been up all night for emergency surgery, then had day shift and still has to prepare tomorrow.

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