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TinyThi3f said:
Thanks for the reply Louiellen. In regards to the clearer established rule set My issues are that: 1. It’s easily overlooked. The main and forum specific rules are there, but if you don’t have to, then people are unlikely to bother. First time users should possibly have to read the rules before being able to continue, alternatively offenders would be redirected to the rules and made to answer a question based on them before being able to return to the forums.
2. Forumers have different ‘interpretations’ of the rules which leads to issues in terms of moderation. If the rules were clearly defined and not open to interpretation it would make the jobs of the mods easier.

Sounds like a solution would be to have the old "Welcome to the RuneScape Forums" page back that used to appear whenever you logged into the forums. The page still exists actually, even though it hasn't been used since.... I want to say late 2011 or early 2012, whenever the forum reskin prior to the latest one happened.

The Old Welcome page, for anyone interested

You'll see verbiage on that page that states "Before entering the Forums, we strongly recommend that you read the Forum Code of Conduct. You will find a link at the top of the Forums and this will explain the rules we expect people to abide by." This line seems like it would satisfy at least some of your concerns, and that page could always be slightly tweaked to include the rest.

Of course, seasoned forumers likely would find it annoying to click through (though we all did that in the past) and some might not read it, but for newer folks it might help.

06-Jun-2019 22:19:18

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