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Jack Flac

Jack Flac

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Look. It's not hard to stay within the surrent rules. It wasn't that hard to stay within the previous rules either.

I've had all of two threads locked by moderators in all the time I've spent here. One was a satiracal thread poking fun at the bot posts. I knew it was spam, the mods knew it was spam, I was just bored that day and felt like having a little fun. Knew full well it would be locked.

The other one, which I will not go into detail about here, I will just say that to this day I will still contest it's reasons for it being closed. Yeah the Jmod sided with the Fmod, but that Jmod had already shown herself to be biased as hell, and was trying to find some loophole to close down another one of my threads because she personally didn't like the content, even though the thread itself was perfectly within the rules, and she herself admitted so. This mod had also been shown to be more than a little crazy in her other actions as well.

But yeah, if someone has a problem where the mods are constantly having to lock and/or hide their threads and posts, then there is something that needs to be looked at there. Because it is really not that hard to be within the rules, and that kind of behaviour shows that they likely have no real regard for the rules or desire to learn from their actions.
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