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Here's the problem I see with forum bans.

There is no explanation of why a ban was issued. You don't get an inbox message. Nobody explains it to you. And you're not allowed to ask about it on the FMR thread.

Shouldn't there be something which explains why someone has received a forum ban? Even if it's just a temporary ban, someone at Jagex should be accountable for explaining why the ban was issued.

18-Mar-2019 03:04:58



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We could sit here and guess at the reason... but that's literally my point.

There is no explanation.

When a forum ban is issued, no one is held accountable for explaining the forum ban.

It is issued without any kind of explanation to the account holder.

The account holder is then left wondering why the ban was issued.... did I do something wrong? Did someone click the wrong thing by mistake? Was something misinterpreted? Was it issued by an FMod? An LMod? A Jmod? Who knows?

There doesn't seem to be a place to get an answer to this either. You're strictly prohibited from inquiring about it on the FMR thread as well.

So what are users supposed to do in these situations? Where are they supposed to get the answers they seek?

18-Mar-2019 03:55:15

Nex Origin

Nex Origin

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I don't think it's unreasonable to expect someone to explain to you why a forum ban was issued.

I think every ban should come with an explanation of why the ban was issued. That only seems fair, otherwise, what is accomplished by issuing the ban?

You haven't taught anyone anything if you don't explain it.

18-Mar-2019 03:59:12

Nex Origin

Nex Origin

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NonMax Jake said:
That's a great explanation. You have helped so much by spamming this thread with something completely useless to anyone. I suppose the thread can be closed now, thanks to your excellent explanation skills, right?

If you don't have anything of value to add to someone's thread, then perhaps you should just avoid opening your mouth and letting everyone know that you have nothing intelligent to say.

18-Mar-2019 04:26:45

Icy Spring

Icy Spring

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You would've noticed your thread was unhidden if you weren't so preoccupied with spamming.

Original message details are unavailable.
This thread is now closed. It is very clear that the discussions here are not suitable for the RuneScape Forums.

The Code of Conduct states: "Though politics and religion threads are now permitted, they will be moderated to a greater extent than other content as it is easier to cause offence and upset in those subjects." With that in mind, though, there is a point where such types of discussions go too far. The way this discussion has started and progressed, it has certainly gone too far.

Furthermore, Nexus, it is 100% not appropriate at all to recommend other users of these forums go out and watch the type of footage you are recommending that they watch. The contents of that footage is certainly not appropriate for all audiences that use these forums.

Please do not recreate this thread. Additionally, due to the contents of some of the posts here, the entire thread has been referred to Jagex staff for further review.

Emperor Dupe - The encouragement of discussing certain footage as you have is also out of line for the appropriateness of discussion allowed on the forums. The contents of these posts have also been referred to Jagex for review.

18-Mar-2019 04:31:00



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Icy Spring said:
1. None of that has anything to do with this thread topic.

2. There is no explanation in that quote you posted regarding a ban.

3. When someone is issued a forum ban, they cannot log into the forums. Off-Topic and Rants require that you be logged into the forums in order to read threads. Even if there was an explanation in the post you quoted, there is no way for a user who has been banned from the forums to read a post that is made in a forum section that requires you to be logged in.

18-Mar-2019 04:37:39

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