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Team Skull
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Team Skull

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Yes, you read that right. Make it so F2Pers can only read the Forums and not post on it.

Why? Simple:

It's more trouble than what it's worth.

"But Skull- What if my main got hijacked and have to post on a F2P alt?"

Support Ticket. Plus, given how stupidly rare it is for an account to get hijacked (Based on stats given by Jagex's Analytics Team (Or was it Customer Support...? I don't remember), less than 1% of all bot appeals were legitimate hijacks and not making things up) and all of the security features that can be practiced to protect your account, I feel like you kinda...had that one coming.

"But Skull- What if my main got muted/banned and need to post on a F2P alt?"

Well then, that's even worse. You've shown to be a detriment to the community and therefore should not be a part of discussion.

"But Skull- what if I can't afford members?"

If you're telling me you can't make 2m/day to maintain membership via Bonds (You can literally make that in 1 hour at Nihil easy), then I'm sorry- there's something wrong going on there.

"But Skull- I haven't done anything wrong!"

Yea, and? Item Rollbacks had to stop because people were mass abusing it, filing fraudulent reports in the hopes of getting free items. Simply because you personally did not do anything wrong does not justify not acting on something that is abused.

Anywho, I'll turn it to you guys- what are your thoughts?
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28-Nov-2018 13:17:25

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But Skull - No.

I can't support it. The forums are for all to use and enjoy.

If there are issues then the Forum Help thead is there to use. Let the Forum Mods work for a change. I could do with a workout lol.

I get what you are saying but right now the forums are doing ok. They could be better but limiting who can post won't help.
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28-Nov-2018 13:32:34

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The Forums are already almost deserted and you wish for F2P players to lose access? I don't believe that's just. Also, as Nexus pointed out, do you remember when the Forums were segregated back in 2010? Do you remember the outcry? I personally do recall. I cannot support your proposal.

28-Nov-2018 14:09:39

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Nexus Origin said:
Or we could segregate the communities again. Remember how much fun that was?

Red wizard hats for change! (Or the slogan went, something along those lines)

In any case, I can’t support this idea either. F2P have been allowed access in some form since 2009 - almost 10 years now. It would be very out-of-place to remove a benefit like that after 10 years when those with access via meeting the F2P restrictions are using the forums as they are meant to be used.

Additionally, as of late, especially in the Old School forums with the recent availability of Old School Mobile, we have been seeing more newer players using the forums for advice, to ask questions and participate in discussions, some of whom are F2P. I would hate to see them excluded from being able to participate when they could end up being some of the great forumers of tomorrow if they stick around.

Finally - I started my foruming career as a F2P player, and used the forums regularly for quite some time before joining the members side of things. I was very appreciative of Jagex allowing F2P players forum access, and have always encouraged F2Pers I run into on my travels to give them a try. I see no reason for Jagex to remove that opportunity from them.

28-Nov-2018 14:41:57

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