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Hello there fellow OSRS'ers

I would just like to suggest an idea that Slayer heads/Monster heads should have a monetary value...

They are so rare and sometimes you have multiple and as I have spares and I'm sure a lot of other players do also it would be nice to be able to do something with the spare heads we have stored.

would also like to say that trading it for 2500 prayer xp kinda sucks ass

make them alchable but not tradable like the Hydra eye etc... each head depending on rarety should be worth 1M, 2M, 3M etc....

potentially make them tradable for things such as Brim keys or trade for xp lamps etc...

with a drop rate of 1/6000 they should be worth something more than just a cosmetic...

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Duplicate thread closed.

Your other thread on this topic was moved to the the Old School Content Suggestions Forum, which is the more appropriate forum for it, so please continue to use that thread.

Please remember that posting the same discussion in more than one Forum or posting more than once in the same Forum makes it difficult to figure out which thread to use and pushes other player’s threads off the Forums that much faster. Do your best to choose the most appropriate Forum for your topic and just post it once. If your thread is posted in the correct Forum, then those that are interested in that topic will find it when they search in that Forum.


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