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black wolfy

black wolfy

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essentially every time i click to link my accounts to attempt to claim the prime loot i get an error,
401 invalid csrf token, i've tried disabling every addon i have in my browser, i've tried disabling antivirus i've even tried hard restarting my pc. i have no idea why it won't allow me to link my accounts.

16-Sep-2019 21:53:59

CM Nick

CM Nick

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Hey @Black Wolfy - I've heard of people having this problem in regards to their browser.

Are you using Google Chrome? If so, try and do this in an incognito window - if that doesn't work, try switching to either Firefox or Edge. I've heard of this solving the problem for a few people!
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16-Sep-2019 22:46:34



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@Black Wolfy, I am not a Twitch specialist whatsoever but reading your issue I did remember a Forum Moderator who knew just a bit of Twitch-links for troubleshooting.
Maybe they will be of any use for you.Quest Luke said:
Perhaps this will help: Twitch Prime FAQ - Linking Accounts.

In the second paragraph, it mentions how you can get the rewards.

More info on the rewards can be found here: Twitch Prime FAQ - Rewards

Quest Luke said:
The newspost (Patch Week - 09/09) seems to point towards the following link: Twitch Prime Promo.

At the bottom of the page, instructions are provided on how you can redeem the new Twitch Prime promo. It seems to be the same instructions as the ones stated in the FAQ mentioned above.

You should choose the option with the following (assuming we are talking about the newly released premium currency pack?):

I believe it will be added to your account once you've claimed it on that page. Is this the promo you meant?
Good luck with trying to find a solution. :)

18-Sep-2019 20:06:05

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