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Emzi said:
Clan Application

Current Runescape Name : Valory

Combat Level : 138
Total Level: 2717

Age (Optional) : 27
Gender (Optional) : Girl
Time Zone (Optional) : Moon

Who or what brought you to Luminescent?
Random forum search
Do you agree to all the rules and regulations?:
What events are you interested in?
What can you bring to the clan?
Used to be deputy owner of a big clan, so I have good leadership skill.
Currently I'm the owner of the RSOF Discord server (the only RSOF server atm) So I can help with lot of foruming stuff. I'm good at bossing so I can help teaching bossing stuff. I own a cat and she'll type weirdies when she's on the keyboard.

Could you please Join Luminescent as a guest and notify us of your application
Thank You

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