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Ms aASHSteel

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••• The AFKers •••
We are probably AFK, but come join us ^.^

•• (Anti)Social & Community Clan ••

Please check us out if you are looking for the following things:
•• A fun and peaceful atmosphere - nothing is mandatory ••
•• Support of casual play - no min XP gains per month - RL always comes first ••
•• Always treating others with respect ••
•• Non Elitist, Arrogant, or Boastful Environment ••
•• Tips and techniques are shared in a helpful community ••
••• It's a game, have fun !! •••

••• About The AFKers •••
The AFkers is a clan open to EVERYONE. We have no combat or total level requirements.
We're simply looking for peaceful, respectful and friendly players who love to play RuneScape. And Also .... Love to AFK ^.^

••• We Have A Discord and ask all Member's to join Our server •••
•• Always Open For Guest, Join The AFKers in game clan chat ••

• If interested in Joining The AFkers .. Please join our Clan-chat for a invite •

• Hope to see you soon ~ The AFKers Staff
Finally Maxed: 5/17/15
:P <3
The AFKers

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This thread is locked as your opening post has essentially been copied from that of another clan. This will only stir hard feelings between the clans.

If you are creative enough to decide to start your own clan, please use that creativity to create something original to post for your clan, rather than copying content from another clan’s thread. Plagiarism is considered dishonest and not allowed. Your clan will also attract more recruits if it is unique and original.

Thank you

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