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Lady Croft10
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Lady Croft10

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After I upgraded my Twitch to Twitch Prime, the link to claim runescape loot thru Twitch prime became broken and would not connect thru the internet explorer link. I used the link above in a google browser to relink runescape to twitch prime. Then I got the green box that I was connected. The loot and overrides appeared in game.

28-Jul-2018 00:08:23



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Hi, I'm trying to link my twitch prime account with my osrs account, but it never gives me confirmation-- it just perpetually loads and wont even give me an error message, can somebody help me out?

My account still isn't members for some reason.

28-Jul-2018 00:53:00

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tall socks said:
sooooooooooooooooooo im alreadya amazon prime member, and i have a twitch acct. how do i link the 2, i spent 20mins looking but cant find my answer

Navigate to the Twitch section of Amazon Prime.

Click connect your Twitch account.
Sign in to your account.
Sign in to your Twitch account and then click Confirm.


03-Aug-2018 18:44:07

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Bloodiator said:
hello ,

as i understood the twitch prime should be for a month no fee , but for some reason i got it for a week only .

is it a giltch ??

The free trial for prime should be a month long, if not, you'll want to contact Twitch/Amazon support

20-Aug-2018 01:21:36

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