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Oceana Glaci
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Oceana Glaci

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Seeing that we are getting so many second chances with limited time edition treasure hunter promo can we also get second chances for limited time edition solomon's store items too?

I'm looking forward to another bare feet limited edition promo second chance this coming sizzling summer.
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07-Feb-2017 04:23:16

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That's actually....kinda a good idea. It should be a very limited time though - maybe a window of just 3 days?
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07-Feb-2017 13:28:38



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Support. I wanted the legendary Shadow Drake/wyvern pet.
Remove TH, and put stuff from TH to Solomon's store as guarantees. No disappointment to the average player who only uses free keys which yield trash, and those who do buy into MTX can have a clear idea what the thing they want is going to cost them.

09-Feb-2017 09:48:38

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