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I've been thinking about wings for a while, some players actively choose not to use wings as they might seem a bit impractical, I'm actually one of those players, I have wings but rarely use them. It's not that I don't enjoy their designs, it's more that it clashes with the style I'm trying to establish. So i've been thinking of alternative ways to make use of the wing slots to where it'd appeal to those players.

One way could be to add classic skill cape styled side drapes to make your base cape more elaborate. With these you can make any cape look more complex and give them more depth without becoming too elaborate like wings do. Ofcourse you can still play around with these and create alternative designs aside from the classic skillcape ones.

Alternatively you could add scarfs to the wing slots. It'd seem more practical than large wings during combat yet sleek and stylish. Besides I'm sure there wouldn't be much clipping issues wearing both an amulet and a scarf.

Last but not least add tails to the wing slots (and keep them in the cape slots as well for those who want to wear wings and a tail, just disable the option to wear both cape and wing slot tails). The argument has been that they'd cause clipping issues, but so do wings and we don't really have an issue with those either. So what do you think, do you have any ideas to add, do you like it or dislike it? If so i'd love to know.

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Most people don't use the wings, it's a bit over the top. There is an alternative choice available in the form of a couple Banners and Flags, maybe offer some more of those.

It's called the "Wings slot" for a reason. You either use the wings or you don't. We don't really have a real life equivalent to wings to draw from as a concept so we'd just be making stuff up for the sake of making stuff up to fill the slot with.

I do like the idea of tails + Capes though. There are a few items like Backpacks (Skilling/Gem/Clue/Various sacks etc that would not clip with various tails available in the game. But I can understand it's just me being fashionscape greedy, it's no really that important to the game.

A belt perhaps? But then again we do have things such as Duck ring and Shadow Dragoon Ring that occupy the belt position.

The bottom line is you have to make a choice, you can't have any number of random things hanging off your body at once just for the sake of it. It begins to look ridiculous even by Runescape Standards.

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