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I hope, that Jagex will release as soon as possible a huge Retroarmour-Pack. :)

On the demand for Retro Items (SUPPORTER-LIST): 309-310-80-65813983

Retro Armours:

(RSHD) Retro Armours from Clues: 309-310-269-65880307
(RSHD) Retro Slayerfullhelm (with supporterlist): 309-310-888-65423172
(RSHD) Retro Rune Saradomin/Guthix/Zamorak...: 309-310-291-65694842
(RSHD) Retro Helm of Neitiznot: 309-310-9-65829864
(RSHD) Retro Elite Black Knight Armour: 309-310-801-65802497
(RSHD) Retro White Armour: 309-310-778-65642516
(RSHD) Retro Gilded Armour: 309-310-485-65650563
(RSHD) Complete Retro Dragon-Set with Medhelm and Square shield: 373-374-427-65887495

Retro Weapons:

(RSHD) Retro Dragon-Claws (with supporter list): 309-310-403-65807181
(RSHD) Retro Dragon Scimitar: 309-310-792-65925616
(RSHD) Retro Balmung: 309-310-436-65894414
(RSHD) Retro Dragon Dagger: 309-310-817-65747954
(RSHD) Retro Korasi's Sword: 309-310-321-65860750
(RSHD) Retro Zaryte-Bow: 309-310-333-65714977
(RSHD) Retro Crystal-Bow: 309-310-99-65910589
(RSHD) Dragon weapons (with supporterlist): 309-310-286-65943468
(RSHD) Dragon Squareshield: 309-310-904-65719037
(RSHD) Retro obby maul: 309-310-886-65951856
(RSHD) Retro Rune Gilded/Godarmours: 309-310-191-65955092
(RSHD) Retro Whip & Retro Ancient Staff: 309-310-980-65959315


(RSHD) Retro-Animations: 309-310-280-65882911
are the best Seasons. :D

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Really nice thread idea. Hope they release them soon.

I have a question though, why do some of your QFC codes go to a certain post in the given thread, instead of going to the original post? My thread's QFC (thanks for including it!), for example, goes to page 23 of my thread, instead of page 1.

Thanks. :)
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Serene Steel
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Serene Steel

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I mean, I get retro stuff. The old looks were, in some cases, better.

But the last SGS stuff we had before the (very ugly) Hearts armor is the Shadow Gorilla stuff... 6 months ago.

While I wouldn't mind seeing more retro stuff, I'd prefer Jagex step up and start doing more cosmetics in general.
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Great thread! :D Since they can tend to float down a few pages, this is a helpful way to relocate them and check up on their responses. With the Utmost Sincerity, Respect, and Integrity,

~Audx :D

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I hope Jagex considers RSHD weapons as well as, or instead of, retro. Example, I want the RSHD Dragon Scimitar, not the retro scimitar. Retro weapons were two-dimensional, rshd were at least 3d. The True Asgarnia -
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