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Unfortunately, Jagex isn't going to be able to assist here in removing your unwanted xp, as this is not a service that they offer. The Monkey Madness quest has always operated in this manner, giving more xp in 2 skills and less in the other 2, without the ability for one to travel back to Ape Atoll after completing the quest without accepting the xp reward.

It was at one point polled to make taking the XP optional, however this did not pass its poll. It has therefore always been recommended that pures complete the majority of the quest, but do not talk to the King at the end and instead leave the quest in an incomplete state, so that they may continue to travel back to the island for training.

The information for this sort of thing is documented within the OldSchool RuneScape Wiki -

“Warning for 1-Defence pures: Talking to King Narnode and completing the quest will result in you no longer being able to return to Ape Atoll without claiming the experience, which will raise your Defence to at least 33. Do not finish the quest before training on skeletons with chinchompas if you intend to make use of the training location in the future. As a pure, you can kill the Jungle Demon and still return to Ape Atoll after its death, but if you talk to King Narnode, you will be unable to return without getting the Defence experience.”

Whenever creating a specialized account build, it is always recommended that players research a quest before doing it, to ensure they won’t be getting xp they don’t want or locking themselves out of a reward, such as the ability to return to the island for ranged training.

Sorry for the unfortunate news but there isn’t anything that can be done in this case to reduce your defence xp.

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