Devastated, due to defence xp

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Susan Dey

Susan Dey

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So back in late february i somehow got 3 defence on my account, due to a bug where i had my attack style on strength but apparently got defence xp. I know its a bit late regarding the appeal date but ive been very devastated to play this game knowing i trained strength and accidentaly got def xp. Is there any possible way i can get my defence level rolled back?

- Susan Dey

04-May-2019 21:50:55

fmod Member


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Sorry but as the window for these kinds of requests has since ended, Jagex won't be able to assist you. The rollbacks that they did were a one time kind of thing, rolling back xp has otherwise never been a service Jagex has offered for OSRS.

04-May-2019 22:44:01

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