Is this an OSRS issue?

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I havent been playing for awhile and recently came back to osrs.

I was F2P pking the other day and set my rune scim on slash to train str. However what I didn't notice was that when I switched to my rune 2h, the attack setting was automatically on stab. I didnt know that if you set your scim to slash, the next item you wield would not be set to the same attack setting.

I would understand if i changed from a scim to wielding a whip it would move to controlled xp. I've never had this issue before since coming back. I was wondering was this a new change that happened during updates?

I just felt a little disappointed that the settings did not pull through correctly until I leveled up my attack :/.

Any help is appreciated guys!

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I recommend sending a bug report.
If you don't think this shouln't work like it works atm always throw in a bug report.
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This is not a bug. This is instead the new intended behavior when changing weapons in Old School RuneScape.

Its purpose was to prevent issues of people accidentally leveling by 'locking in' the attack style that is used for that weapon, as explained in the poll question:

"Should Weapon categories remember the previous attack style being used when equipped? For example, if a player used any sword previously with the "Defensive" attack style, any other sword will continue to be used with the Defensive style when equipped."

The reality of the situation is, though, that many did not seem to be aware of the change after it went live (despite the warning to Pures to double check their attack styles being present in the update newspost), and as such have landed themselves in similar situations as yourself.

There was a separate bug with the system that was fixed shortly after release, and Jagex did have a thread open to investigate the accounts affected by that (and they are still reviewing those who have posted there and working to update the stats of those players affected by that bug), however, accounts that accidentally leveled up a stat because of not understanding the new mechanic after it was working as it was intended were/are not eligible for that service.

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