Trimmed Skill Capes

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Jan Member 2019


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I miss when your first cape 99 was untrimmed until you bought the same cape after getting a second 99.

Would love to have it this way instead of toggling/picking your own colours.
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05-Jun-2019 20:53:01

Jul Member 2019


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I don't think this will ever happen purely based on people purposely building accounts specifically to achieve the untrimmed variants of these capes.

I mean, I understand the limitations set and know full well they're by choice of the individual but wouldn't it be safe to say this is ever so slightly unfair to the people that have dedicated up to 100s, or maybe even 1000's to do this?

Besides, what benefits would this have other than allowing people to alter their outfits slightly?

On the other hand, I'd love my untrimmed Crafting cape back. Was a beautiful cape to own.

06-Jun-2019 21:46:21

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