Share your fondest memories :)

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I thought this would be a great thread to brighten everyone's day up!

I thought maybe we could share some of our fondest memories of Runescape here together.
I'll share my top 10 and you can do the same.

I'd love to hear about yours and I hope they're just as nostalgic as mine are.

1) I remember watching my friends play RSC at the library - there was alot of excitement about "a new version" jagex was designing that was supposed to be "really colourful and 3d"

2) Downloading Java for the first time so I could play runescape on my pentium II

3) Choosing my first character name.

4) Making my first in game friend (I was lost and someone mining in lumbridge swamp helped me out and walked me to the wizard's tower, RIP "RYAN K O" wherever you are haha.

5)being able to fish swordfish on karamja and considering it end-game content :P

6) Getting most f2p skills to 60 or so and thinking I know just about everything there is to know about runescape - and getting membership for my birthday and discovering a whole new world.

7)The release of castle wars. the hype. the rage. the excitement!

8)Farming barrows with my friends for days on end when barrows gear was considered pretty much end game.

9) Achieving my legend's cape (now utterly worthless) the original "wow this guys been playing a while" badge.

10)my first party hat! (albeit a yellow one)

I'd love to hear about your experiences and highlights below :)

02-Mar-2019 05:40:25

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Im too tired to remember things from far back so i'll post em later but in recent memory defeating galvek with 483 ruby bolt specs and finishing with a diamond bolt spec was nice and got me my quest cape at (relatively) low combat level

02-Mar-2019 05:54:25

Bird Sounds
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Bird Sounds

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Some of my favorite memories were meeting new people IRL who also played. It was fun to compare accounts and form rivalries.

Of course, I can't forget spawning into Tutorial Island for the first time and not being able to figure out how to get out of the door. LOL
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02-Mar-2019 13:24:45

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My fondest memory is tutorial island, I first started playing in early 2009 and then stopped around 2010/11 when they overhauled the graphics, EoC also really stuck the dagger into the wound. But when I heard about OSRS mobile and finally played it I really felt the nostalgia return from completing tutorial island. RS3 just doesn't cut it but right now I am alternating between both.

Another great part of RS is the community aspect, you can just ask anyone (minus the damn bots) for help and advice and you'll get it-sometimes even free money!

02-Mar-2019 15:28:59

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Remember the day I got 99 fletch and all my friends already had 99 fletch and we all did Lunar Diplomacy. So we all wore full lunar and fletch cape and said identify the person who just got 99 fletch.

02-Mar-2019 19:30:26

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