22feb update - unwanted xp

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Baby Legend

Baby Legend

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Hello community,

I would like to start saying that i am very disappointed with 22th february update which switched my attack style and ruined my pure. I exposed the situation as many others in the same day on the forum. So far, i dont see any changes or news about it. I would like to know if the situation is fixed because i heard rumors that jagex already made the roll backs on the accounts that got unwanted xp. If so, why they didnt do on mine?

Hope you can help me out. :(


Baby Legend

05-Mar-2019 09:29:46

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Hiya, Baby Legend :)

There's not been any news regarding it yet - I saw Jagex Maz tweeting about working on it yesterday, they were transferring the data from the thread. So they are probably working on it as we speak!

Just be patient and it'll most likely be sorted out anytime soon.

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Hmm, I normally dont pretend to be a saint but saint I pretend to be sometimes :)

So you can contact account help here.
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05-Mar-2019 09:44:03

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As this is pertaining to an issue with Old School RS, it has been moved to the Old School RuneScape General Forum, where you might find more up to date information than in the General Forum for RS3.

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05-Mar-2019 18:56:18

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