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Thread closed as this is plagiarized content, not to mention extremely old.

A quick google search shows this matches exactly the following thread on reddit, posted in 2017:

Additionally, the fact that it is plagiarized shows very clearly when it mentions facts that are no longer true, e.g., that Jagex still maintains RSC servers. RSC has been shut down for many months now.

Frog Home, while understandable you (and your few other accounts) are passionate about wanting Old School as it was on launch, creating threads like this is dishonest - content posted on the forums should be your own work, not that of others from other websites that you have blatantly copied as your own. And furthermore, throughout all of the prior discussions on Vanilla OSRS, Jagex stated that they had no intentions of doing that and if that position were to change, they would communicate that with the player base. Considering there has been no such communication, it is safe to say that their position has not changed, and as such creating threads every few months like this is not necessary.

28-May-2019 02:05:04

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