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The best way to "become a PMod" is simply to try and not to become one. Engaging in the community is a wonderful thing, and it may get you noticed. Also remember that Jagex is always incognito ingame so you never really know if you're ever talking to a JMod (on their personal accounts).

Always keep your account secure, making sure that you're up to date on all of your security settings. Helping people can and may get you noticed, but as they've always stated, just enjoy the game, and play the game as you normally do.

A few years ago, they did release a thread named, "Are You Community Focused?" which did give people the opportunity to basically shoot their shot in attempt to possibly becoming a PMod maybe even an FMod. Some people abused that post with spamming it in hopes of getting noticed, and some were fortunately chosen.

Players are being checked if not daily, maybe weekly and or monthly, so people are granted that privilege quite frequently even though you don't hear of it much, but remember! Being a a PMod is a privilege, and not a necessity. Also remember that PMods are normal, everyday players as well! Another thing to keep in mind is, you definitely do not need to have a crown in order to make a difference in the community, you only kill your chances even more by asking to become one.

Just enjoy the game, and keep doing what you're doing. :)

30-Jul-2019 22:41:58

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