Best and safest client?

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Jagex will only ever recommend the use of the official client that is posted to the Old School Website. Using any other client is done at the account holder's own risk. That includes the popular clients in use by many players these days.

Personally, I do not feel using third party clients is worth the risk to my account and would advocate against using them, even if they give attractive benefits to gameplay. Most things they offer are conveniences that are in no way required to play the game and I have had no trouble playing without them on the official client.

28-Apr-2019 15:54:21



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LSoG Alt said:
Are you serious? Lmao. If you weren't a forum moderator, I would actually think you're trolling. Most of us couldn't PvM before 3PC became a thing.

Nope, no trolling here. For example...

- I don't need a clue scroll plugin to tell me exactly where to move pieces to in order to solve a slider puzzle, I can do that perfectly fine on my own. And if I don't happen to know where a clue step is, I can easily search the Wiki which I usually have open in one of my browser tabs anyway.

- I don't need a box to highlight where a fishing spot is, I can easily see that by just looking at the screen myself.

- I don't need a detailed view of a player or monster's HP on the screen, they have a HP bar over their head for a reason. :)

- I can check the appropriate interfaces to see what attack style my character is using, or how much ammo I have equipped. I don't need an info-box on my screen telling me that.

- I don't need click-boxes on my screen to know where to click for Agility, I can find and click them just fine.

- I don't need something to highlight what monster I need to kill for a slayer task, I've got my slayer gem or slayer helm to tell me that (along with how many I still need to kill).

- I don't need something to highlight the correct answer to the puzzle to get to the chest in the Barrows tunnels (they added that this week according to their twitter). I think any of us could solve those very easily.

Everything's just a convenience that isn't needed to play the game. I could keep going, but I don't see the point. I've had no issues playing without all of those and more for years, and while yes, you can customize what is enabled and what is not, I'd personally say I need none of it, and I know many others who would say the same.

If you truly can't play without a 3pc, then you might need to.... well, I'll let you fill in the end of that with your favorite phrase. ;)

28-Apr-2019 16:18:33

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