How to make Wine of Zamorak

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Pyro Dragz
Jul Member 2016

Pyro Dragz

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What do you do if people wish to make collecting Zammy wines easier?
You come up with a method.

My idea consists of taking normal wines to the chaos temples (Zamorak altar) and blessing them. This would be sort of like prayer training. Except it could be locked behind a prayer level so that you couldn't just starting doing it from day one. Additionally, so that you can't just AFK making them, each one would drain your prayer. Once you have dropped below the required level to bless wines you would need to recharge your prayer above or to the required level and start again. Also, this could also mean a possibility of a Zamorak altar being built in the POH. If the speed of blessing them is the same rate as cannonballs, then the best bless rate would be around 500/hr with the altar in POH. Running to the altar would be closer to 300-350/hr.

-65 Prayer (to bless wines)
-85 Construction (to make altar in POH)

16-May-2019 14:08:08

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Regular wines will always be dirt cheap and that is fine. If you want grapes prices to go up then ask for Zulrah and vorkath to get nerfed as those are the main thing dragging the price down.

16-May-2019 18:35:39

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