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As of lately, there has been alot of threads attempting to organize trust trades on the Runescape forums. Please do not create threads offering to buy Old School Runescape items/gold for items/gold in the main game, or Runescape Classic. While Mod Mark has confirmed in this week’s Q&A that players may trade their gold in the main game for gold in OSR, this involves a large amount of trust on both sides that the other player will follow through with the arrangement.

While trust trading is allowed, and at the risk of the players, the risk of scamming is prevalent. We do not allow trust trades to be posted on the forums and we ask that you do not use the forums as a place for arranging such trades due to the risks involved in being scammed. This rule applies to the entire Runescape forums, and all versions of the game. Please do bear this in mind before ever considering engaging in such trades in game.

Happy Gaming.

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