Abomination in sliske's game?

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The Abomination did not kill a god, he was just a receptacle for that god's Stone of Jas Power .

And while yes, a group of Dragonkin did kill a god, it doesn't appear as if Sliske counts it. It might be that Sliske simply doesn't like the kin, or it might be that he doesn't count them because of their link with the Stone (basically making them a part of the stone, and you can't have the prize win itself).

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Or because there's too many to decide a point....or because he knows the abomination isn't going to show up. Runescape doesn't need a needs a villain. An all encompassing force of evil that will remain ever-threatening and use chaos to make the peoples of Gielinor tolerate each other, grow strong together, and fight side by side against this evil. I am that villain.

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It was Sakirth who drew V's power using the Mirror. Tarshak was only a host for the power they drained. When Tarshak smashed V's corpse, he was already dead.

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Will the Dragonkin play any role in Sliske’s endgame?

Mod Osborne: I'm going to dodge this question as it will be answered in the final quest of this year.

I think they may come as a surprise competitor in the endgame, but we will have to wait and see. Sliske makes the rules, after all.
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