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Half Centaur said:
Saradomin considers them dark creatures, I have no doubt that he'd at least gather as much intel on them as possible, whether he planned to use it or not.

Someone else mentioned how holy water was a Zarosian invention- I can see Saradomin finding this secret in a similar way. I imagine Saradomin would have been quite willing to go out of his way to find another method to destroy a supposedly evil race.

Who knows? Maybe this is where wolfsbane and crumble the undead was discovered as well.
Post has agenda written all over it. Azzanadra's bodyguards already had stuff lethal to vampyres when Drakan came for them.

Where is the proof all were considered "dark creatures"? Its known that Drakan + his "military genius" and the vampyres played a major role in the expansion of the Zarosian Empire. Its mentioned somewhere. Obviously they needed a counter-measure against non-complaint vampyres or incase something went wrong. And the knowledge was salvaged during the god wars eventually.

The most likely reason for creating them is because of the fact that Zamorak sent many werewolf and vampyre troops to attack Saradomin's forces during the god wars. He also had the largest army on Gielinor with the deadliest creatures during the 3rd age, to a point where Saradomin's forces alone could not fight them without allies. You can even see them fighting in the Saradominist encampment within the god wars dungeon. Here's a quote to how humans coped with vampyres during the god wars:

Me: "We've always wondered. How were human troops able to take on the vampyres normally in the 3rd age?"

Mod Stu:
"Mostly they died. A lot. It's also when they figured out a lot of the low-tier vampyric weaknesses."
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I always figured the Wolfbane dagger was made out of blessed silver and well... bane ore tuned to Werewolves.
Y'know, Wolfbane?
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