Another SE Lorefail?

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Hguoh said:
Skullvan said:
I hope he gets a spoken line. He was friends with the player after all...

I never got that vibe. He was the guy who I worked with to take down Lucien, but that was about it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very thankful that he sacrificed himself to save me, but I really never considered him a friend.

Isn't it great that someone could see him as a friend though?

Anyways, wouldn't the more important thing be that Akrisae saw the Adventurer as a friend, or at the very least as someone worth saving? Despite the fact that it was the adventurer's plan that put Akrisae in that situation to begin with? Do you think that he wouldn't want to say something if he could?

28-Feb-2017 18:46:30

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