The Prisoner of Daemonheim

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This actually makes a load of sense.


It could also be Kranon, the dragonkin who got pulled into Xau-Tak's Realm (possibly the abyss) and returned as The Ambassador. In the Dragonkin Laboratory, we can find a page which reads, when referring to Kranon, "We'll seal Him, or destroy Him." To me at least this implies that they were successful in Sealing him, as Kranon is known to be alive from Crassian dialogue in Aminishi.

Which begs the question, How is Kranon responsible for the whispering and insanity? The answer is actually surprisingly simple. The "Kreath Takla", Black Stones. The very same we find embedded in Seiryu's shackles, and fused with
The Black Stone Dragon
. I theorised on the RS Discord's Lore discussion, that the Stones act as a Relay for messages, and that they function similarly to Elven Crystal, due to it being stated that they're activated with a "Dissonance Chorus". This indicates that these stones act as a conduit for Xau-Tak's power, as we see with the Bosses in the Elite Dungeons.

Kranon was a dragonkin, he was apparently known by Kerapac and other Dactyl leaders, he was also apparently the only survivor of the Ulthven Kreath incident. Daemonheim is known 100% to be a Dragonkin fortress, to be honest I think Xau-Tak is somewhere in the Abyss, judging by the texture of the Portal in Ulthven Kreath, which is similar to the Sky in Shattered Worlds, which is in the Abyss. You're on to something for sure, but i think it's Kranon they're hiding in there.

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Welp considering what we now know, it appears at some point the leader of the Kal'Gerion demons in Ulthven Kreath attempted to summon the "Hundred-Handed One", guess where? Daemonheim. And were apparently stopped by "the guardians of Guthix". Now this could refer to the halloween event where the WG and Death (two guardians) stopped another X-T attack or a different even. Here's the kicker. The Ambassador is only allied with the demons because they want to summon the "Hundred Handed One", and we know The Ambassador is trying to summon Xau-Tak.

Therefore, we know the Hundred handed one and Xau-Tak are the same being. Thus, X-T was in Daemonheim, or present there, for a time!

EDIT: We know about the "Hundred-handed one" from the Kalgerion Leader's diary entry in the book "Umbral Diplomacy", which details all of Kranon's alliances and allies, such as how the Temple and Ulthven Kreath came into alliance.

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