Any REAL Threat to Gielinor???

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Is Gielinor in any real danger? We have seen that we have
, the anima defender of the planet, kill a god.
killed Bandos, who wanted endless war and battle all across the world.
, the "good" god of light and order is the most powerful young god and also has the largest following and sees mostly eye to eye with Armadyl in some ways.

We have
and the elf city fully restored and we have
. Tier 2 gods on the planets side.

There is nothing we cant overcome as the World Guardian, we always find a solution and always prevail. There is no struggle, no failure or no penalties to anything. I find this starting to become stale. We need something to happen that might be out of our hands that will have some lasting effects and see some real actual bad things happen that we cant prevent.

Sliske doesnt want all out destruction, the apocalypse, he just is bored and wants some attention. He isnt a real threat.

We need something to really test our World Guardian status that DOESNT guarantee us a victory..
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