Kindred Spirits (spoilers)

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Raleirosen said:
Baxtorian said:
I loved the quest. But I wish it wasn't Sliske who was the main antagonist. What he did in this one doesn't fit with every other portrayal of him.

It's not an exact match to previous portrayals but it's not really a big leap, either. I feel like the Sixth Age is gradually revealing more of his character.

Incidentally, as a friend pointed out to me, Sliske's, erm, whack-a-doodle, tendencies may not be something he's always had. Comparing the style of writing in his Ramblings book to the Death at Sea book, it's nothing short of logging his descent into madness.

The Death at Sea book is written in a far more concise style, with the moments of personal conjecture being stylistically in-line with the rest of the book. The Ramblings book is just that, ramblings. Thoughts and emotions spewed on the page, doodles filling the blanks between paragraphs. There's a pretty big gap of time between the two books being written (ages, even), and perhaps the demeanor we've come to associate him with, prior to this, was developed in that gap.

Regardless, this portrayal of him was simply filling in some blank lines on the proverbial ledger that Sliske. When we look at who he is, with all the traits and perceptions of his character we've been shown over the last few years, it just hammers-home the idea that for as much of a joy-loving trickster as he is, there's a dangerously vile side alongside it.
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