Eastern Lands Continent.

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Deltaslug said:
Lore exists: (I feel guilty for copying and pasting from RS Wikia, but they sum it up)
The lands are noted by "western" explorers to contain many exotic items and people. Ak-Haranu, Necrovarus, San Fan, and Shanomi are known to come from there.

According to Trang and Mauritzio, the Eastern Lands are also home to the endangered black rhino and white rhino. In the real world, these animals are native to Africa and are also endangered.

Yes... That's the Wushanko Isles. The Wushanko Isles is the Eastern Lands.

I went and made the page a redirect since it was redundant seemed to be confusing people ;)
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Kemtros said:
Could it include the Cursed Archipelago?

There was a thread a while back where somone theorised The Wushanko isles and The Cursed Archipelago were one and the same. I think Jmods eventually confirmed that The Archipelago isn't related to The Eastern Lands, but I could be wrong.
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A simpler reason for it not being found before now. Maybe there is a forest of Witchwood and they hide have been hiding the continent. It is supposed ot be highly magical wood, so such shenanigans shouldn't be beyond it. So all the Witchwood that has been used to date could have come from there as storm driven flotsam. ^_^ The purpose of adventure is to shine light into dark places,
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Rondstat said:
My current favourite theory, after Arc 2, is that the Cursed Archipelago IS the Skull.

interesting theory....i forgot a lot of pirate lore, this acc hasn't done them yet, sell me on this theory!
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Can you guys imagine if the desperate ass fucker heard about The Occultist. She cannot be harm and she is immortal. Can you imagine all the Gods scrambling trying to get her side with them or something?

I think some of the Avaniese must of move to the east after Armadyl left during the second age. At first Armadyl left because he thought Zammy wipe out the whole Avanises. I mean..Why do we have Sky Orphans? Shanao is a sky orphan. The Tengu is the mask. Of course, you have to play Port storylines to get some this.

Also, how did Sea Singer Quinn get her hands on the Horn? She used that horn to control the sea monsters and declare war on the all khans. Of course, she did won but it came at cost. A lot of sea monsters was killed. Many of us assume that is the Elder Horn Artifact that Guthix talked about his memories.

I also bet The Skull deals and make trades with the Red Dwarf axe gang. I mean, the only races I know that works with gun powders are dwarfs.

The Eastern Land has their own barrier and their own Anima. But how did the Eastern Land get their own barrier and their own anima?

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Ancient Drew said:
The last I heard, the Cursed Archipelago is to the southeast, so it could just be south of the Eastern Lands if not near the equivalent of Gielinor's Antarctica.
It lies south of Harmony Island. There is a large amount of blank space on the World Map south of it so I could see it fitting.
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