Food for Thought: Tarn's Lair

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Is the lost temple of Loarnab! Why do I think this? Well first off this is just a small theory that probably isn't true but is meant to bring back a bit more discussion on who the Lair of Tarn Razorlor originally belonged to.

I've noticed the architecture and symbols of the temple seem to be primitive like, and unlike anything we have seen before in Gielinor. It's clearly never been touched in centuries as well, perhaps millennia. There are barely any decorations, as if the people who made it were so primitive they had no concept of it.

A much more important point is that since Loarnab roamed what later became Senntisten, I realized that Azzanadra mentions that there was a pass leading to Morytania when you ask him about the city, meaning that Loarnab very well could have had influence in that region as well(this also supports the Loar temple connection).

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