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Yup, as you can see from the title, I, or should I say my brother KingAegon I's decided to open up a specialized friends chat, one. He's not available at the moment (he is quite busy with school, he has to study and finish up some last minute assignments), so I'm filling in for him.

Though the FC is designed with Zaros fans in mind, anyone can join.

To do so, just
type KingAegon I
into the chatbox, not my name, I cannot emphasize this enough. It's his FC, so type his name not mine. Don't type Zaros FC either, you just get an error message.

We're starting off small (yes we, because I'm very close to him IRL, he immediately promoted me to general, being his sister has its perks ;)), but we hope to expand, grow if you will...maybe someday into an FC with like I don't know... 28+ members online at all times.

Oh, and to promote the FC, Aegon will be turning his PM off when he's online, so to contact him, you have to enter the FC. I will be doing the same.
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Visenya 1st

Visenya 1st

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(yes, every FC has rules, Aegon's is no different

1. This is a Zaros based FC but you could discuss other lore.

1.5. Or other Runescape stuff that has nothing with lore.

1.6. Or stuff that's not even Runescape related

1.7. Yes, you can roleplay.

1.8. Yes, you can give out spoilers

1.9. But you do have to follow the rules of the game itself (sorry anyone who wants to spam RS gold sites).

2. You do not talk about Zaros FC.

3. Someone yells stop, goes limp, taps out, the fight is over.

4. Only two guys to a fight.

5. One fight at a time, fellas.
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