Where did you learn about it?

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Puppyphantom said:
Ancient Drew said:
Wiki. Does that count?


Why not? That was how I first became interested in lore. IIRC I had started not too long ago (probably was about level 30) and heard some high-level ex-members (By high level, I mean high level to me at the time, so like level 90 or 100) talking about something called a "Zaros". I didn't know what that was, so I looked it up in the wiki, and thus began reading about all the lore: Gods, Mahjarrat, etc. It would be many years before I did the relevant members' quests; by then it was well into the 6th age and I was a bona fide member of the lore community, despite being significantly lower levelled, which I still am to this day. ;)
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