Beating Zaros at his own game?

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SixOfOne said:

Also, not every God has manipulated life. To the best of my knowledge we have no examples of Armadyl and Saradomin doing that.

"It seems there is no life on this world. I can see the seeds of life, but not life itself. I feel myself reaching for my staff, to give those seeds a spark of energy, a push to catalyse their efforts... But it is gone. "

-Armadyl (Book of the Gods)

I consider what he did as manipulating life. He is a god and he had the aid of an Elder Artefact.

And I'm sure Saradomin has manipulated life as well; it's just not in the current lore.
To those cursed by war and pest, Come into the light of Armadyl and rest. This is the law of Armadyl.

14-Jan-2017 18:00:01

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