Godbow speculations?

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I'm pretty positive the godsword we get isn't even the real one, so I doubt it, or the bow we're getting now, can kill a non-weakened god. Even if it was equal in power to the Tuska god spear it'd be practically useless considering how little damage each stab did.

Physical contact is probably necessary for the energy to transfer somewhere, but I suppose it is possible it could be absorbed by the item (arrow in this case) and then transferred once the user picks it up.

I've long theorised that this was kind of how Armadyl could have gotten power from Bandos, if he did at all. If you look at the cutscene there's a notable energy glow once Armadyl picks up Bandos's mace. So the idea is that upon death a significant portion of his energy could have gathered in it.(And before anyone comes with any snarky comments... No, the Bird and The Beast faq did NOT confirm Armadyl denied power. It said he might have gained power, or maybe he somehow denied it. It didn't confirm a thing, so we actually don't know.)

I suppose just being close to the god in question when they die might do something too since the energy supposedly explodes outward.
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