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Angof Cywir said:
How dare you assume his preferences! Yes, he was in love with a male, but he also dated another person during the God Wars. He never disclosed this other individual's gender, but it could be female for all we know.

He could be gay, bi, bicurious, questioning, pan, open, or any of the other sorts.
Either way, the fact he married a male shows cultural advancement in his society.
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20-Dec-2016 08:12:06

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Voraiya said:
So...Armadyl is a homo.

I hope it's just a typo..if not...damn!

Honestly, why do you care if he is or isn't? Most intelligible people are happy, and see it as diversity that the world clearly needs.

But please, by all means, continue to gay bash before we make the planet blow up.

20-Dec-2016 10:16:19

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20-Dec-2016 10:21:38

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The word 'Homo' is a very loose term. Homoneanderthals, homosapiens, homomilk, etc. There are a variety of terms to go with it. Not only that, but the use of the word itself does not fully mean what you imply it to. Although this is the case, I am sure you mean it as a deriogatory fashion against a specific grouping of people, who happen to live their everyday lives similar to the rest of us (and very well enjoy the same things we enjoy). Those that make them anyway less than us? No. IN the end. We're all humans.
EDIT: Ooo. He was married to his first general (who was a dude).
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Creating threads about sexual preference and then posting in such a vulgar and offensive way is not allowed on the forums.

I have also give you sometime off the forums as the second hidden post was very Offensive and not permitted on the forums at all.


PS hidden posts quoting the offensive post on page 1.
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