Sliske's Endgame,your picks

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Ancient Drew
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Ancient Drew

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I told Icthlarin I was honoured.
I said sorry to both Saradomin and Armadyl about their families.
I vouched for Kerapac as he did save my life.
I sided with Zaros.
I got Icthlarin to come along. You didn't really think I'd leave him alone did you?
I discouraged fighting between Saradomin and Zamorak and went full on rant mode.
I acted as mediator between Saradomin and Seren, and went neutral.
I tried to calm Zamorak down and said "What about Sliske?"
I sided with Azzanadra and got revenge for his little brother.
I imprisoned the Dragonkin.
I asked Armadyl if he was OK.
I told Seren it was the World Guardian who drained the gods. Sliske did take part of my soul.
Other things I didn't get round to as I went upstairs by mistake.
I let Armadyl win the race.
I said "See reason Sliske."

Then in Jas' chamber I said "He was endangering the world."
And I asked "Why?" and she said "Because." Elder Gods are major trolls.
I told Seren about Jas' ultimatum.
And I chose the nonchalant approach with Relomia. She wasn't getting it gentle after conspiring to take my soul, so no Icthlarin, she is not 'innocent'.
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Roland Lyons
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Roland Lyons

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Told Icthlarin I'm honored
Sided with Saradomin
Tried lying to Zamorak
Confirmed I was siding with Saradomin at the Heart
Told them not to trust Kerapac, he's always scheming
Let Icthlarin come with me.
Didn't imprison the Dragonkin
The game glitched out when I came across the Seren and Armadyl scene.
Acted as a mediator and settled it with the Saradominist option
Tried to defend Seren from Zamorak
Raced Saradomin for the stone and let him win
Asked Jas why are we here, she said it's unknown and that we should not exist.
Asked Linza why she was still a wight
I told Saradomin that meeting Jas was humbling, and that his utopia would've been a beautiful world
Told Seren about Jas
Told Icthlarin it was okay for him to come along and then tried to tell him about Sliske
Took a gentle approach to Relomia.

I want to replay the quest and get the extra scenes I missed. The Saradomin vs Zamorak one looks fun, Zamorak is due for another asswhopping.
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Lego Miester
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Lego Miester

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Lied to Saradomin because I was trying to do all the dialogue options and didn't realize it'd lock me into that. :@ Sorry man!

Sided with the dragonkin. Armadyl is dense as heck if he actually thinks just hiding the stone again is going to work. Guthix tried it, we tried it. I said we could put it in my POH as a garden feature and I'd just lock the door but nooooo....

Floundered around the maze like an idiot for over 4 hours before giving up and using a guide. Turns out i was almost done too...

Raced Armadyl and failed. How do you even win that?

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-told Icthlarin I was honored (might as well be nice to the guy)
-tried to lie to Saradomin, got shut down (was worth a try, right?)
-vouched for Kerapac
-sided with Zamorak
-had Icthlarin tag along
-can't remember all of the maze scenarios, but I don't think I took any sides (except for Char, Azzanadra was dumb as rocks for even thinking he could reason with Sliske)
-I figured it was the Anima Mundi that was doing the draining
-kicked Armadyl's ass in the race and told Sliske I'd rule the world with an iron fist
-told Jas that her agent left me no choice, since he was trying to kill me; she responded by asking "Is this common?" to which I said "Yep"
-I asked her the time-honored question "Why are we here?" -- unfortunately she didn't know
-kept our exchange secret from Seren
-nonchalant with Relomia, should've selected cruel though
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