The Empyrean Citadel

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Elf of Seren

Elf of Seren

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Cthris said:
Adventurerrr said:
Elf of Seren said:
I really want Arma to reclaim the CItadel, and the Godless to claim his tower, like they said they would do during WE2.

They did?

As far as my knowledge goes they only said they were there to prevent the gods from gaining any permanent footholds in the land. I guess those are kind of the same thing... kinda...

I envisioned the Godless sowing salt on the tower grounds.

Simply retaking it would send a bad message.

It's been a long time, so my memory is probably warped. Lol. I'll go reread the transcript.

(But I still would like to see a Godless' base at some point!)

23-Dec-2016 08:24:07

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