The Empyrean Citadel

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Last Prophet said:
Half Centaur said:
NotFishing said:
Nah, the player should have it.


I think Armadyl will be hesitant to take it back because of either bad memories or potential traps. I mean, he really aught to send for more Aviansie to head into the tower from the World Event, and just re establish that as home base.

I've always felt that Armadyl's tower was poorly placed. I mean, it's on Faladian territory (and in saying this I am provoking no discussion on Saradomin or any branch of Knights) which carries it with it certain tax obligations and land ownership issues.

We humans are xenophobic at best... I can't imagine Falador's country bumpkins finding no issue with chicken-men setting up a base of operations in their backyard.

White Knight tax collector 1: Are you going to be the one to tell Armadyl that he owes us taxes or am I?

White Knight tax collector 2: What do you suppose we do? We don't exactly have the power to make him pay us or punish him if he doesn't. And do you really want us to be known as the ones who started a war between Armadyl and Saradomin over property taxes?

White Knight tax collector 1: Ignore the tower it is then!.

23-Dec-2016 00:45:56

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