Divine Tear Side-Effects

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When Seren left some of her followers, they suffered from a horrible form of withdrawal. They turned to the divine Crystals to ease the pain; and so their addiction grew. Now my question is this:

Is it unreasonable that some of the White/Black Knights who fought and gathered Divine Tears during the Battle of Lumbridge may have experienced something similar. These tears were extremely concentrated crystals of Guthix's divine energy. While the exposure may not have been for as long, the amount of power in a small area would have been greater. I can imagine both factions now dealing with withdrawal among those who came back from the Battle.

A quest looking into this could involve the player deciding which faction to aid in the search for a cure/remedy. An emissary from both would approach the player, and the player would go through a series of tasks surrounding a potential solution. The player, upon finding what they're looking for, could then decide to give their solution to either the Zamorakians, Saradominists, or both.

What are your thoughts?

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Very interesting, that's for sure. The player's choice could then also strengthen or weaken the Saradominist/Zamorakian forces -- a factor that could be taken into account in future quests, much like their choices regarding the restoration of Zaros and Seren.

EDIT: I was about to edit this to say "Guthix didn't have the whole aura deal, though" -- but Buros below has already said it for me. Speaking hypothetically, though, I don't think it'd be a far-fetched addition to the lore to maybe have Guthix turn out to have something at least approximating a similar aura himself.

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Only Seren and Zaros appear to have the innate auras that affected their close followers, due to their special natures. Guthix's tears probably wouldn't have had an effect like that.

EDIT: After reading what Questcaping and Elf of Seren said about how interesting an idea this is, I gave it more thought. While I still think most probably Guthix had no aura of the sort that Seren and Zaros had (Zaros believed that his and Seren's auras were due to their origins, not their power), Guthix is the only young god that we know of to have the level of power that Seren and Zaros had.
What if the auras were only a side-effect of this power? Guthix tried to sleep a lot, far from his followers. If he had an aura, it might not have been noticed much. He actively tried to keep people from worshiping him, but they still did worship him. If Zaros were wrong, an interesting story could be had here.
And if such a story were written, I hope it would include the Order of Ascension people. They seem to be extremely zealous and covered in what I'm guessing is Guthix crystals.

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I agree that it is interesting, but would have to make behavior changing auras a T2 general power rather than Zaros/Seren unique as others have said.

I also think that other factions could use some more love before we focus on Saradominists/Zamorakians again. I'd like to see where those two gods' personal stories go sure, and events are nice and all, but we really need a Godless or Armadyl focused quest imo.

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Even if we assume Guthix had an aura, that still doesn't justify an addiction. The Elven addiction to Seren originated not from her aura, but from her joining their souls with hers (via the song of creation if I'm not mistaken). As no similar event of Soul linking occurred, none of the combatants should feel any withdrawal symptoms (unless they decided to ram the tears into themselves).

At most, some of the combatants might find themselves hearing Guthix's voice (given Drakan's reaction in the Old Blood).

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I get what all of you are saying. And I know that some aspects of the idea were farfetched, but Guthix was on Gielinor longer than either Seren and Zaros.

My thought therefore was somewhat attached to his level of intonation with the Anima. I thought that he was always fruitless in his quest not to be worshiped, and that the only reason we have to believe that only Seren and Zaros had such an aura was because Zaros had postulated so.

Zaros and Seren became very aware of their auras due to their proximity to each other while on Freneskae. Guthix, on the other hand, didn't have any reference to which he could speculate. The only reason, in his early experience, that he had as to why mortals would want to worship gods was his watching certain gods 'put their foot down' so to speak.

Also Seren had trouble with Zaros aura (and vise-versa). Seren also experienced an odd level of infatuation with Guthix.

Also, "I was able to communicate with the myceloids. Friendly though they were, it took much persuasion to convince the symbiotic parasites to detach from my brain upon taking root." This may just be that the myceloids were unaccustomed to detaching from their hosts, but it may be that they were effected by his aura.

Like I said, this is totally speculation. I just thought it would be an interesting idea to discuss.


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About the aura thing... if I understood Bilrach's words correctly, Zamorak may have one too... does this mean all gods can and may have an aura? Or is it reserved for the Children of Mah of godly power? (Zaros, Seren and Zamorak) And does this aura even exist? Questions, lots of questions... NO
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